The mega homie over at Tokubetsu Na Mono is ready to droop that new good. The new KIT has been designed specifically with female body type in mind. After Tokubetsu Na Mono's previous v3 release, they saw an increase of orders from female cyclists, and they thought it would be nice to design the next … Continue reading TOKUBETSU NA MONO “V4 PROTOTYPE”


The good homie Qi of TOKUBETSU NA MONO is putting in work with the new Release of the "Digital Storm" drop that features the DS kit with either short or long sleeve jersey and that sheild jacket to protect form the windchill. The jacket turns into a vest by simply unzipping the sleeves, so make sure … Continue reading TOKUBETSU NA MONO | DIGITAL STORM

Tokubetsu Na Mono “TIger Camo KIT”

Probably the greatest thing that cycling has personally brought to my life besides the enjoyment of riding is the amount of good people I have met through my travels on a saddle, I met this dope homie named Qi of TOKUBETSU NA MONO out in Brooklyn and even though he lives a million miles away out in … Continue reading Tokubetsu Na Mono “TIger Camo KIT”