Fyxation “Pixel”

Fyxation has recently introduced its newest model for 2014, the Fyxation Pixel. Borrowing from the same geometry as the Eastside and retailing for only $459, the Pixel is a good bike. Built as a single speed with a flip flop hub the Pixel features an upright comfortable design, quality made parts and a stunning paint … More Fyxation “Pixel”

Fyxation Open Fixed Gear Criterium Comes to Chicago

Fyxation will hold its first annual fixed gear criterium in Chicago, IL on July 26th, 2014. This high energy fixed gear only criterium will be held in conjunction with the Chicago Criterium on day 7 of the Prairie State Cycling Series Intelligentsia Cup and will be held just prior to the men’s pro main event … More Fyxation Open Fixed Gear Criterium Comes to Chicago

FWDSET: Forever Foward

Check out the dope visuals dropped by FWDSET Forever Forward is a peek in to the life of Forward Set’s (forwardset.com) owner and creator, Kirk Tsonos (instagram.com/ktsonos). Touching base and giving a visual documentary-style look into his life in Jacksonville, Florida as a full time bike messenger, commuter, and cycling event organizer/host. Kirk now currently … More FWDSET: Forever Foward