Unknown Bike Co has recently dropped a new addition to its component line, the Ti saddle. The new saddle features leather over a hollow titanium rail, it provides comfort yet has robust aerodynamics and skimps on weight. At 225grams this is one of the lightest saddles you can find. You can cop one today for … Continue reading UNKNOWN BIKE CO TI RAIL SADDLE


Cinelli just shook the game up again when it dropped a flick to reveal the 2015 Histogram, draped in a new color way and tapered head tube the new Histo is set to drop in November State side, but your local Cinelli dealer should be taking pre-orders very soon.

Chris Wimpey’s Bicycle Portrait Project: “Velodrome Edition”

Leader Bikes recently collaborated  with Chris Wimpey on his opening gallery for his body of work, The Bicycle portrait project: Velodrome Edition. Chris focuses on posed portraiture of riders before and after races. Alongside studio lit portraits of the riders, Chris showed the speed and intensity of the track through a series of documentary style … Continue reading Chris Wimpey’s Bicycle Portrait Project: “Velodrome Edition”