South Chicago Velodrome Association

The velodrome in South Chicago is slated to be removed; we’re working together to save it!

We have a forum here!! Register and get involved!!

We are thankful for the rich velodrome racing history in Chicago and the surrounding region.

We are thankful for the facilities, park services, property owners, workers and volunteers who make it all possible.

We are thankful for the racers, the parents, partners and children of the racers and the fans who keep this culture alive.

Via: Marcus

Help Wanted (see below):
One of my favorite things to do is to converse with my fellow (wo)men. A conveyance of internal thought and “meeting of the minds” and cultures on a number of levels. I’ll admit- Facebook, and other platforms, have been greater pathways to connecting communities than I expected.
People who enjoy communication as much as I do might be interested in helping the South Chicago Velodrome Association establish and maintain our social media presence. Want to join this fun team?…
Let me (Marcus) know if you have any questions or feedback. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone involved so far and would love the addition of more enthusiastic people…

attached image credit: Jerome Daksiewicz @ NOMO Design



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