The new BLACK EMBER product line has rolled out, and they have entered the into the DSLR world with their new DSLR-CASE. This is what they had to say about the new products out now.


BLACK EMBER is the new innovator of modularity and we’ve launched our first photography pack.  The new DSLR-CASE can be worn alone as a waist pack, but it’s modular, so you can quickly attach it to our Citadel backpack.  This modular combination makes the perfect pack for photographers heading out for a trip who need to carry a variety of gear, including a DSLR rig. Once you reach your destination you can also detach the DSLR-CASE and wear it alone. Like all Black Ember packs, you can add “Mods” (modular accessories) to custom build your photography pack.
Black Ember’s highest performance build this season includes our X50 4-layer, Black-Camo fabric made by Dimension Polyant, USA. This incredible fabric is ultralight and super strong (high tensile strength) and its made possible by a patented performance-laminate called X-PLY™.



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