Here is the new Brotures T3! Make sure you hit up the Brotures San Diego Flagship store to swoop one up.


BROTURES T3 is upgraded constantly evolving.

Also repeated many times a prototype test for over a year in the United States, wheel was further quality up to the finished T3 is

And durability to withstand the street ride, carbon own lightweight, also by absorption, to ensure the ride of a different dimension.

Well with aero frame preeminent design reminiscent of the ZIPP and CORIMA.

And an emphasis on cost performance, it will be the baton wheel for middle end user.


~ T3 details ~

Because wheel to cut the air at twice the running speed, has become a thing aerodynamic is actually tremendous wheel. As I was traveling at 50km / h, aerodynamic wheel is equivalent to 100km / h.


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