Civic Center Crit – Race Report

Deviant Line

It may not have gone according to my plan, but I still love the Civic Center Crit.  Watching the on-board video footage makes it feel like the car racing video games I used to play, we need more city circuits like this!

safa final 2 Flying around the final on the streets of DTLA

It’s not all cheering crowds and flashy buildings in the background, the gentrification of downtown L.A. is not yet complete.  Raul and I went down to the city hall gardens early to reserve a spot for our team’s tents and equipment, and we saw the sleeping bodies of those less fortunate who occupy the area, for lack of a home, before all the cyclists move in and they’re shooed away.  It puts the day in perspective right away, we’re lucky to use the city as a playground.  As serious as we want to believe the race is, it’s just…

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