Tokubetsu Na Mono “TIger Camo KIT”

Probably the greatest thing that cycling has personally brought to my life besides the enjoyment of riding is the amount of good people I have met through my travels on a saddle, I met this dope homie named Qi of TOKUBETSU NA MONO out in Brooklyn and even though he lives a million miles away out in Singapore we have kept in touch and he recently dropped me an email with some flicks of a sick KIT that he is re-dropping. The Tiger Camouflage KIT features an outline on Italian 130gsm Fabric, with a gradual upward dispersal pattern. The Dazzle break-up camouflage on rear pockets & around the upper arm provide excellent visibility, be it day or night. Elastic grippers on Cuff & Italian silicon grippers on Hem, Reflective piping on base of back pocket.  You can cop the jersey in long or short sleeve, the pre-order for the KIT is now open, so place your order TODAY!


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