Through the Lens Red Hook Crit “Brooklyn #8”

Yo as a Chicagoan I’m going to say I love heading out to New York to explore the city and find all it has to offer. This year for the first time the team and I headed out to catch the Red Hook Crit, and several days before we jumped in the car and drove close to 800 miles to arrive at our hotel in Brooklyn I was asked by a friend “what the fuck is Red Hook Crit?” as I stood there for a bit to  find the words that would answer his question I found a bit of irony in the race being held in a city like New York, you see way back in 1899 Louis Sullivan the Father of American architecture said “New York City has only one god, Mammon the god of money,” as this popped into my head I found this quote to make more sense now than when Sullivan  actually vocalized his thought. You see people from all over the world come out to do something most would think is crazy or idiotic to put themselves in a situation in which they know that in one split second it can all go wrong and may cost them to lose teeth suffer a possible concussion or even a number of broken bones.  Now the irony comes when the race is over and a champion has been crowned a huge jackpot does NOT await the winner, but simply that they now know that as it started and as the accidents and injuries piled on through the qualifiers and through the final race the understanding hits them that on that night as they drove their legs to push faster and as they maneuvered through the flock flying lap after lap they would be crowned the champion.

Huge shout out to our photographer make sure you follow him on the Gram @hoesaysomething


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