GOD&FAMOUS “The Focus Of Red Hook”

Creativity is something you should be looking for everyday and in whatever path of life your walking on, and the homie Kenny from God&Famous did just that as he covered Red Hook Crit Brooklyn over the the weekend. Not only did he capture the moment through his lens he also found the perfect statement to describe what he was able to do,

“Experiencing Red Hook like everyone else and capturing moments from a different perspective than the typical “press” POVs. The results were imperfect. Emotive. And oh so ill. ”

Below are some of the are some of the amazing images he was able to bag, for the full set click HERE.

godandfamous_RHC8_0-2 godandfamous_RHC8_4 godandfamous_RHC8_5 godandfamous_RHC8_7 godandfamous_RHC8_14 godandfamous_RHC8_15 godandfamous_RHC8_16 godandfamous_RHC8_18


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