Saturday Night Sprints 2015 “Take-1”

This past Saturday the book was opened up with the first “Saturday Night Sprints” of 2015, and all though the temperature was barely inching in at 25 degrees, we still had a great turn out. 28 riders showed up, but the homie Baja came out on top, followed by Moises and Oscar. They took home some dope prizes provided by Velodramatic Bikes and the BikeLane Chicago. Here are a few flicks from a couple talented photographers in attendance Sydney Jones & Max Ryan.

Huge Shout Out to Jafet for putting this together, catch him making strides at RHC in a couple months.

Sydney Jones

Peep more of Sydney’s work HERE!

16639238985_4460d7f57a_k 16639078095_c27a98221e_k 16016733954_8888b2544d_k  16019672433_314ec426b8_k 16452155570_b6a080e986_k 16432213307_7a7ba0ed84_k   16637928091_f91239b93a_k 16451771738_f2988505a0_k 16019425593_b64b896c70_k

Max Ryan

Make sue to check out Max at 350NORTH

DSC_9751 DSC_9731 DSC_9705 DSC_9724 DSC_9726 DSC_9751-2DSC_9896 DSC_9847


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