Sugino has released the SG75 DD (Direct Drve) Crankset that features their IDS 24 technology, or simply put, a set of Sugino 75’s with an outboard bearing bottom bracket, much like the SRAM Omniums. 

The chainring side of the crankset is press fitted to a 24mm dia axel which is fitted to the bike using one of two sealed bottom brackets; one with normal bearings and another with ceramic. This new crankset is lighter and stiffer than previous models and costs £299.99 or close to $450.00

The Sugino SG75 DD are available in silver and black with crankarm lengths of 165mm, 170mm, and 175mm. The SG75 DD Crankset includes a Zen Chainring with the optional 46T to 55T, Chainring Bolts, and a MB608-ǁ Bottom Bracket.

Pick up you set here!

BCD: 144mm
Bottom Bracket: English (68mm)
Chainline: 42mm
Chain Size: 1/8″



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