Team Cinelli Chrome

Team Cinelli Chrome recently dropped this clip showcasing their 2014 recap, take a look!

Team Cinelli Chrome from Cinelli Official on Vimeo.

Seven riders, a year-long season, two wheels, one gear ratio and an unique great passion!
Add a few thousands of hours of training, tons of new friends, excitement and fun and the mix will be complete!

Team Cinelli Chrome would specially thank all the people who made this Team possible,
all the riders and all the sponsors who put heart, legs and passion in this adventure.

Stay Tuned on Team Cinelli Chrome socials and see you in 2015 for the launch of
another new and exciting adventure together!

Team Cinelli Chrome riders:
Neil Bezdek – Alfred Bobé Jr. – Giovanni Bocchi – Paolo Bravini – Alessandro Bruzza – Kelli Samuelson Giorgio Vianini

Team Cinelli Chrome supporters:
#Cinelli #ChromeIndustries #SantiniSMS #SelleSanMarco #ChallengeTires #FSA

Special rider’s thanks:

Neil Bezdek
-Thanks Federico for doing all of the hard work behind the scenes while we have fun on our bikes!

Giovanni Bocchi
-Thanks to all my teammates!
-Cinelli and Chrome and all the sponsors who made this possible!

Alfred Bobé Jr.
-My parents Alfredo & Victoria.
-My lovely wife Laura and our beautiful kids Rio, SebZo, LOLO & lil Lucien Merckx aka.TeamBobé
-Last but not least, Cinelli and all its beautiful people who make the magic happen.

Paolo Bravini
-Silvia Galliani who supports me everyday
-My teammates for the great time spent together
-Federico Stanzani for the tarantellas faced in this last adventurous year

Alessandro Bruzza
-My daughter Eirene
-My family

Kelli Samuelson
-Antonio and the entire Cnelli family
-My husband Ty
-Chrome and all the sponsors who make it possible!

Giorgio Vianini
-My very special mum
-Antonio Colombo, Cinelli and my friends from LambroCrit
-All the women of my life


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