Recently Vince owner and CEO of Unkown Bike Co. came out to Chicago so we sat down with him to discuss whats going on at UBC and take a look at his titanium track frame. Also big thanks to Velodramtic Bikes for hosting us!

Where/How did Unknown Bike Co begin?

Unknown Bike Co began when I took a trip to Korea during the fall of 2010. I went to go help out with the Bike Film Festival when it was in Seoul. I had about two months of downtime until I started my new job so I decided to stay longer and ride. It’s a beautiful city to ride in and has a dedicated bike lane that goes through the heart of the city. Literally, the whole city of Seoul can be accessed through this bike path. It’s amazing. Anyway, while out there I met my business partner and decided to start the company.

Have you ever doubted what you are doing, or thought maybe it’s time to hang it up?
Oh no, not at all. This is what I love doing and will continue to do it as long as I can.

What was your first fixed gear bike?
My first fixed gear bike was a Raleigh conversion that my friend gave me while I was going to school in NYC. I told him that I was sick of walking everywhere. He had just bought a new bike and had the Raleigh as his spare, so he said I could have it haha. Fell in love with it from the first ride and haven’t looked back since!
How Does UBC continue its evolution?
There isn’t exactly a set path of our evolution. We’re a small company so it’s not like we have to get the approval of a myriad suits for ideas to make it to production. I or my business partner have an idea. We discuss it and if it makes sense (from idea to production capacities) we give it a try. For example, the Type-1. I’ve always been in love with my old cross bike that was produced from scandium. It was incredibly light and could still withstand all the abuse I threw at it. I thought, hey why not try out a scandium track bike…. and now we have the Type-1. If it does well I think we can start producing more scandium frames. Also, I try to ride and stay in touch with cycling everyday. It helps me to stay current on the evolving needs of cyclists. From the daily commuter or the weekend warrior or the dedicated racer. This helps to figure out the gaps in the bike industry at the moment which we try to fill.

Any new projects on which we may speak?

Currently we are working on getting a working sample of our carbon track frame. It’s pretty close to being finished so definitely keep a look out for it!

Full Specs on Vince’s Bike: 

Unknown Bike Co T-UK frame (Titanium)

K6 Cranks

Scattola Wheelset

Salire Stem 100mm

Unknown Compact Carbon Drop Bars with Lizard Skins Bar Tape

Shimano 105 pedals

Vittoria Randonneur Tries

Fizike Alliante VS saddle

SRAM nickel plated ss chain

where may they order a titanium frame?

The T-uk is a frame that is available by custom order only. You send us your exact measurements and we send the specs off to get made at our Ti factory. I would strongly suggest getting professionally fit for a bike before ordering one.

Unknown Bike Co-1Unknown Bike Co-2Unknown Bike Co-4Unknown Bike Co-3    Unknown Bike Co-7Unknown Bike Co-6  Unknown Bike Co-11Unknown Bike Co-9

Unknown Bike Co-5Unknown Bike Co-8

Unknown Bike Co-13




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