PHIXX606 Sprint Race


Phixx606 Cycles is putting together its first sprint race this spring. The race will be a mandatory 70-75 gear inch race. any lower, and larger, on the day of the race, you will not be able to race. The race will start from nelson and end at roscoe. it’s the uphill-downhill race and you’ll be working your ass off for it. there will be a buy in and the cash prize for first place is already set for $150. the cash prize will increase according to applicants. and of course prizes for 2nd and 3rd.

rules are subject to change. for now, you’re facing this:

1. 70-75 gear inch mandatory. this will prevent cats for gearing down for the small climb and massive spin outs for the slight downhill. we will have your ratio calculated to make certain you meet requirements.

2. brakeless track bikes. you will have to bring your horse tuned and ready for primetime. straps, toeclips, or clipless shoes required. we will not accept your buy in if your bike is not safe for the race.

3. fun. yes it’s a competition. we will be judging you and calling you weak if you lose. however, this is a race to bring community together, AND of course to gauge yourself on how awesome you are and how much more work you need to put in to rock out with the big boys.

don’t let the map fool you. this isn’t a sprint length race. the route tracked is shy of 1/2 a mile so you WILL be working. not only will it challenge you on a climb, it will also challenge you on how you maintain during the whole race. keep that cadence up!

Phixx606 will be accepting applications in february for this race. more people who sign up, the merrier. if they exceed the reserve, the prize money will go up, and the second, third winnder prizes will be fancier.

Keep it here for further details.

4075 N . Elston Ave , Chicago, Illinois 60618

(773) 969-1148

1:00 pm – 7:00 pm


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