King of Vegas 2013

KOV is just one week away! If you dont know, the KOV is a wild alley cat through the neon lit streets and back alleys of Sin City. Last year there was over $1200 in CASH awarded and awesome prize bags for the podium stuffed with hundreds of dollars of swag from great sponsors like RaphaBoombotix, and City Grounds. KOV had racers come out from all over the U.S. and beyond like Lucas Brunell, who raced with his famous two cam helmet and documented the action. So that being said, THIS YEAR TRAFIK promises that it IS GOING TO BE MORE ridiculous! They figured it wasn’t enough for the racers to just ride. So in the spirit of Vegas, racers will also be playing poker. (WHAT!!!!!) wait they explain…

This is a 3 checkpoint race where racers will collect a total of 5 playing cards, and the racer with the best hand will win an awesome surprise gift (which has not been reveal yet, but they promise it will be dope!). So even if you don’t come in first, you still have a chance to cop some ill prizes.

First Male and first FEMALE split the CASH MONEY + 1st Place Podium Bag
2nd and 3rd also get sweet Podium bags stuffed with dope S**T from KOV sponsors!
First Male Fixed and First FEMALE Fixed get a BONUS CASH prize!
Podium bags awarded to the top 3 Male and 3 Female finishers.

This race is open bike category. Race any kind of bicycle you like. The first Male & Female to cross the finish line with all of the checkpoints marked off on the manifest are the winners. Simple as that.





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